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What Are Care-Shares?

Care-Shares are alternative, care-based investment notes, each of which represent several hours of actual care labor that Keith performed on a specific day between 2012 and today. Similar to other forms of investment, like stocks or bonds, a Care-Share expresses belief in the value(s) of an entity or endeavor. In this case, Care-Shareholders are literally sharing the financial weight of care-giving by investing in the the artistic, historical, and eldercare value being generated through this project. As more people invest in Care-Shares and the so-called braintree project gains visibility, especially in the “art world,” their value can increase.

What Would I do with a Care-Share?

A Care-Share is an embodiment of value which will hopefully expand over time. So you can hold onto it as an investment, give it as a gift, trade it with a friend, hang it on your wall, or sell it to somebody else. Eventually, you will be able to exchange your Care-Share back to so-called braintree for some of the garden and cottage industry products we’ll be unveiling in the Spring of 2018.

How Much is a Care-Share?

Care-Shares are sold for the amount Auntie Sista originally made the checks out for. Because investment is traditionally accessible only to those with privilege in this society, the following price adjustments are made to lower the barrier for investing in Care-Shares. These price levelers can intersect for up to 75% reduction in the cost of a Care-Share :
25% Off for women, non-binary femmes, and gender non-conforming people

25% Off for working-class people

25% Off for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color whose culture(s) has been colonized or invaded by the U.S. Empire

Where does the Money Go?

Of all the capital generated through investment in Care-Shares, one third will go to Keith as compensation for past care labor, another third will go towards hiring more care for Auntie Sista, and the final third will be redistributed to femmes of color who perform unpaid care labor for the families, communities, and/or Earth. In addition, Care-Shares are being distributed to those who help out caring for Auntie Sista in the house, and those who are doing beautiful, unpaid care work in the world.

How do I get a Care-Share?

Care-Shares can be purchased right here through the PayPal button below or through a check mailed to our P.O. box. Alternatively, Care-Shares can be acquired through an exchange of goods or labor, just propose an exchange in an email to

The prices below reflect an attempt to level out, in one small and incomplete way, historical inequalities that continue to marginalize people and concentrate wealth in the hands of the privileged. If you’re claiming an identity below that isn’t yours in order to get a discount on a Care-Share your Karma is gonna take a serious hit!

Price Levels