to our virtual colonial home, where art and eldercare illuminate the myths of a white, settler-colonial culture. Since 2012, Keith has been here care-giving for his great-auntie Mary, who is now 98 years old.

Their home has become a case study for culture + mythology, global warming, infrastructure, capitalism, and alternatives. Embedded within the colorful, interactive map on the left are links to artworks and conversations, just click on a blue orb!

Irish-American Settlers

Settler-colonialism is the process of acquiring land through genocide, whereby Empires attempt to replace conquered Indigenous cultures with armed agricultural colonies of settlers. These colonies can grow into distinct cultures, including the world’s largest settler-colony, the US Empire.

Modern settler-colonialism was pioneered by the British Empire in Ireland, which forced millions of Irish, including our ancestors, to flee their homelands and subsequently settle on others’ homelands. Our family has settled here on the occupied lands of the Massachusett Nation, from whom the State took its name, since 1932.


The value of Care-Shares are base on the embodied care labor and their status as artworks. Care-Shares reanimate past labor as a means to hire more care for Mary, re-invest in projects, and to support folks tirelessly caring for their family, culture, and/or planet.

Since 2012, when Keith began the artistic care-giving intervention, Mary wrote him checks for his labor without having the funds. Now those checks are being transformed into Care-Shares, a quirky investment instrument to share the weight of care-giving.

Infrastructures are the interconnected life-support systems which reproduce cultural life day after day, generation after generation. Based on geo-political circumstances and mythology, infrastructural patterns transform the raw materials and energy flows of Nature (or Creation, the Universe, etc) into the building blocks of human culture.

Access to basic life-support infrastructure should be an unalienable human freedom, and each community deserves the right to self-determination without being exploited by colonial entities. This website explores mythologies of the US Empire as evidenced by everyday infrastructure, in addition to possible alternatives. (Background image is of construction of the Pilgrim Expressway through so-called Braintree.)