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What is so-called braintree?

So-called braintree is a colonial town in the suburbs of so-called Boston. Like so many places in the U.S. Empire, so-called braintree began as a European colony during the conquest of Indian Nations.

so-called braintree occupies the ancestral land of the Massachusett Nation, from whom the “Commonwealth” took it’s name.

The State Seal as well as the Town of Braintree seal both feature Miles Standish’s rapier (sword), with which he assassinated several leaders of the Massachusett Nation over dinner in 1623.

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Who Are We?

In 1931, an Irish-Catholic family bought a house and settled down in so-called braintree. It was here that they assimilated into the U.S. Empire with their six children. Their oldest daughter, called Sista, still lives in that home along with her great-nephew, Keith, who’s been caregiving for her since 2012. They are actively mapping and creating alternatives to consumer-settler models of eldercare, production, history, economics, and landscaping.

Mary / “Auntie Sista”

Auntie Sista – A telephone operator for her entire career, Auntie Sista, is an independent trendsetter who never married and disdains authority figures. She did, however, love playing tennis, dressing to the nines, and taking care of elderly women.

Keith / “KeiKei”

During his second year at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Keith realized that nobody was caring for Auntie Sista. His commitment to supporting Auntie Sista’s independence has yielded a 5+ year caregiving intervention.


Care-shares are a care-backed investment note being offered for sale or trade by so-called braintree. Each Care-Share is screen printed onto an un-cashed check that Auntie Sista wrote to Keith for actual care labor between 2012 and 2017.

Because of her financial situation Keith never cashed these checks, and is now transforming their value into artistic “shares” to sustain and spread our eldercare vision.

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Irish-American Settlers

Like 30 million people in the U.S. Empire, Auntie Sista and I are of Irish ancestry. Her family emigrated from County Wexford in Ireland after participating in the failed anti-colonial peasant uprising of 1798.

The British Empire’s settler-colonial occupation of Ireland killed and displaced millions of Irish people, many of whom became settler-colonizers of Indian Nations in the U.S. Empire. This violent process of genocide and assimilation devastated Irish culture, a process we are attempting to heal from and pay reparations for while imagining .

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[Neo]Colonial Home[stead]

The colonial period never ended. In fact, the mythology and ongoing processes of U.S. colonialism are present in every aspect of settler culture, including the home Auntie Sista and Keith live in.

At so-called braintree, their everyday experiences and household infrastructure are case-studies for the evolution of settler-colonial culture throughout the 20th and early 21st centuries. This map on the left is embedded with artworks and artifacts that tease out parts of the overarching mythology – just click on a blue orb.

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